InterAction has a mission of empowering young people to bring the shared values of their diverse traditions into the centre of their lives in the compassionate service of others.





How we do this…

We create change through our training & action projects. Our leadership training known as iAct is designed to equip young people like ourselves with the skills, knowledge & vision needed to “be the change” and embody leadership in their personal lives, their community and beyond.  Our action projects are tangible ways our young leaders are on the ground making a difference in the community.  We are currently targeting the issue of homelessness and food security through our Fast Supper program.


Why we do this…

InterAction seeks to create a more spiritually engaged generation.  An entirely youth-run organisation our young people leaders are not afraid to get out hands dirty, rolling up our sleeves to lend a hand where it’s needed – not despite our faith but because of it.  In a world where the dominant narrative about religion is one of conflict we seek to tell a different story – one where religious communities work in genuine co-operation to meet the worlds needs.  In this way we feel that InterAction is fanning the flames of a social movement, where people of all backgrounds & beliefs feel united by a shared vision for personal and social transformation.


Want to learn more? Download this flyer for more info on what we are up to in 2012!