Father Bob Maguire

Inspired by the lifetime work of one of Australia’s genuine heroes, the outspoken South Melbourne parish priest, Fr Bob Maguire, this is a foundation connected to the very fibre of our community and its pressing social issues.The overriding principle of the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation is to ensure practical help is directed to the areas of most need at any given time. Most importantly, it’s also a foundation that will hold true to the spirit of one man and his vision; maintaining a dedication to the issues society finds too hard or too loathesome to tackle.Awarded the Order of Australia in 1989, a Centenary Medal in 2003 and named Entrepreneur of the Year for the Southern Region of Australia for a Social, Community or Not For Profit Organisation, Fr Bob Maguire is one of those men that, every once in a while, is worthy of building a foundation on.


Professor Gary Bouma
Gary D Bouma is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and UNESCO Chair in Intercultural and Interreligious Relations – Asia Pacific at Monash University and an Associate Priest in the Anglican Parish of St John’s East Malvern. From 2006-2010 he was Chair, Board of Directors for The Parliament of the World’s Religions 2009. His research in the sociology of religion examines the management of religious diversity in plural multicultural societies, postmodernity as a context for doing theology, religion and terror, religion and public policy. He is the author of over 20 books. Recent books include: Australian Soul: Religion and Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century (Cambridge University Press); Democracy in Islam (Routledge); Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands: National Case Studies (Springer); and Freedom of Religion and Belief in 21st Century Australia (Australian Human Rights Commission). His next book, Being Faitfhful in Diversity (Australasian Theological Forum) is due out in May 2011.



Dr. Hass Dellal

Hass Dellal OAM is the executive director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation. He has over twenty years experience in policy, management, community development and programming for cultural diversity. He has extensive experience nationally and internationally in multicultural affairs. He serves on various committees and spearheaded initiatives for the development of the general community. He has prepared programs on community relations on behalf of Government authorities and the private sector. Hass is a special advisor to the National Police Ethnic Advisory Bureau, Committee Member of the European Multicultural Foundation, board member of the Adult Multicultural Education Services and a Fellow of the Williamson Leadership Program. He was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for services to Multiculturalism, the Arts and the Community in 1997.