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Recently I had the good fortune to receive (courtesy of Interaction) two free tickets to the Campfire Film Festival at Federation Square, on Saturday 12th May. The freebie was intended as a reward for the efforts of Interaction volunteers. In my case, this was completely undeserved, but naturally I was more than happy to accept the prize.


A quote from the Campfire website ( ): ‘The Campfire Film Festival…celebrates short film as a means of provoking discussion and debate around meaningful issues.’


‘Short’ is a good description, as none of the films were longer than about 10 minutes, but what they showed is that being short in length doesn’t mean being short on drama, meaning, comedy or any of the other things we go to the movies for. The films shown covered the gamut of genres from documentaries to dramas to music videos. And, just as with ‘standard’ length films, the quality can be somewhat variable. Stand-outs for me were the Czech movie, Most and Rock and Roll is the Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Good (by the time you’ve said the title, the movie’s almost over).


Most has a profound message about life, death and sacrifice, delivered in ways both shocking and subtle.


Rock and Roll is the Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Good probably has as many interpretations as there are viewers, but for me it was about how we live our lives, and questions of how we get meaning or joy out of life. You could call it a music video, which would give some idea of its presentation, but would do its content a disservice.


I found the panel discussion that took place in the cinema fascinating. Speakers included film makers young and old, a student, and those involved in teaching on the subject of film. There was much articulate discussion on the special power that film can have to convey messages, and how it can shape our views, and maybe even who we are. I was particularly impressed by Lucas Haynes, a film maker all of about 13 years old, who clearly has a sophisticated understanding of film beyond his years.


So all I can say is thanks Interaction!


Geoff Gaylard


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