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Hello from the InterAction Board! Let me tell you, we’re much bigger fans of getting in there and doing the work in community activation and change making, that we love –  but sometimes you’ve got to tend to the admin!


It probably doesn’t sound that interesting, but we have put the highlights together to make it really easy to update yourself!  – First off, we want to let you know that our esteemed GM, Zachary Wheeler after almost two years with us at InterAction will stepping into a new role with our partners The Father Bob Foundation, working on some exciting new projects!


Zach came to InterAction from his great work with the Oaktree Foundation and we wish him all the luck in the world as he continues to be a great role model for social changemakers out there! He won’t be too far away though, as he was voted onto the InterAction Board as our Vice President, to continue advising on our new directions.


We are excited to announce that Nivy Balachandran, one of our Founding members has stepped off the Board to take a place in the team! Nivy brings fantastic experience having worked across various departments of State Government, in particular finding ways to support volunteering in Victoria.


There are a few new (and not so new) faces on the InterAction board!


Introducing the new InterAction President Patrick Carroll. Patrick is an ordained Interfaith Minister from the US who now lives in Melbourne working for the Brotherhood of St Lawrence.  With his combination of interfaith understanding and social service experience, Patrick brings the two worlds of InterAction together – our grounding in diverse faiths and our commitment to the common good. We’re very excited to have Patrick join us to deliver new strategic directions, in his humble hands-on manner.


(For those of you confused by the terminology, don’t worry Freeman is still the CEO and will still be steering the InterAction ship, it’s just a little chain of command change!).


Our new Secretary is Brodie Paparella. With a background in PR and admin, Brodie has served on Boards before and looks forward to also contributing as our Communications Manager! Catch us on Facebook and twitter under his steady hand!


Now the role of Treasurer is important in any organisation, and we are so happy that community figurehead Mohammad El-Leissy will be taking on that role and finally getting into the InterAction action!! Mohammad has represented the Islamic community for quite some time here in Melbourne and brings to the table a great focus on community impacts and government relations.


George Siosi Samuels returns for a second year to the board.  With his entrepreneurial skills, and a creative background in animation and digitial storytelling, he continues to bring great ideas to the table.


Finally we welcome Dr. Anna Halafoff (who could be called the Big Sister of InterAction) having been there from the beginning as we got off the ground.  Anna brings expertise as an academic in interreligious relations, now working at the Deakin University Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation.


The Fast Supper is still ploughing along, every Wednesday night.  We deliver hot food from the Hare Krishna’s and fresh fruit and vege to those living in the Park Towers housing commission.  In these cold winter months, the service we provide is appreciated more than ever.  There’s plenty of room for more volunteers, and we have a volunteers day for new people coming up on July 13th.


We are less than 4 weeks away from the launch of our Multifaith Internship – our new flagship training program for young leaders.  The crown in the jewel is the 3 day camp our interns will go on from July 1st– 3rd which is going to be about as much fun you can possibly have standing up. There’s spots still available, so jump on the internship page and have a look.


That’s it from us guys, hope you made it this far, and you’ll be hearing from us over the next few weeks!


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