Skills, Knowledge and Vision

We’d like to introduce you to InterAction’s training program,  that we’ve called “iAct”. Through iAct we are equipping   young people with the skills, knowledge & vision they need  to be leaders in our increasingly connected world. Based upon our unique model, we  are empowering diverse young people  to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.  In this way we are fostering greater social cohesion & civic participation.


If InterAction is McDonalds then iAct is our Big Mac.  The flagship program of the organisation we want to take iAct to every University campus and highschool across the country.  iAct asks people: How do you act to make the world a better place?  Participants explore how their personal faith identity is an asset in our diverse society and by engaging with it and harnessing it they can bring about real positive change – in themselves and their society.  We have a whole Menu of Trainings to share with young people.


Our training is not about telling young people how to live out their faith.  It is simply a safe space for them to question, explore go deeper in their spiritual journey.  At the end of the process they emerge with a stronger sense of who they are and how their faith identity adds to the richness of our diverse society.  You can Book a Training today!


Check out the iAct flyer for some more info or contact