We offer an entire suite of training workshops which we call iAct.

The iAct training is delivered by our experienced youth facilitators.

The workshops are based upon InterActions model of interfaith youth leadership, and each is designed to target a particular skill or area of knowledge.





Training Program

  1. Interfaith 101: An introductory workshop outlining what it means to live in a religiously rich society and exploring why we need interfaith co-operation more than ever.
  2. Religious Literacy:  An exploration of cultural & religious identity and what it means to us personally. Participants develop an action plan for their ongoing learning about diversity.
  3. Shared Values: A workshop which explores core values of the participants and finding shared values in the group through open discussion.
  4. Communication & Storytelling Skills:  Participants learn about the power of story-telling and develop their own stories based on change, inspiration and their faith journey.
  5. Dialogue Facilitation: Participants develop their dialogue skills, covering basic conflict resolution and how to address challenging or resistant attitudes/behaviours.
  6. Making Change: Participants explore their vision for a better world and learn about the mechanisms for taking this vision and making it a reality.
  7. Conflict Resolution:  A skills workshop that teaches participants to work through conflict, using the five models for conflict resolution, that are tangible for peace-building in any context.
  8. Time for Action: A practical workshop where participants develop a plan for a community action project harnessing the resources of their diverse faith groups.

Training Details

The entire iAct training package can be delivered across a full 2-days.  Alternatively each workshop can be run individually in a 90min session.  Participants who complete the full training are awarded a certificate of accreditation.  They also get access to InterActions resources and join the iAct alumni, with ongoing leadership opportunities to follow.

If you would like to know more please contact for more information.